Day one was to be the shortest day of the week.We start out after rain fell just before we were to awake. The roads were slightly damp, but that did not dampen our enthusiasum for the week to come. As we peddled out of the Missouri valley we were surrounded by fields with some cattle and hay for the cattle. We did not see much corn or soy beans yet. Boy, would we see corn and soy beans later in the week.

Want a roll in the hay?

About 10 miles out, we see a big sign for `Mr Pancake'. We've heard about his pancakes so Warren, Barb and Ted stop. Gordon and Kathy later tell the rest that the line was too long

After standing in line for about 30 minutes, we get to eat. Mr Pancake makes 96 pancakes a minute and it's 4 cakes, sausage and juice or coffee for 4 bucks. We can have as much as we want. We didn't need seconds.


Ted has his front wheel checked for the second time to try to find out why it's clicking and generally being a nuisance. Turns out that the front hub is damaged and the wheel needs to be replaced. Luckily, the Trek rep authorizes a wheel warranty exchange. He later swaps out the wheel in Harlan. No more clicks.

We arrive in Harlan. Of course, Pork Belly has staked out a camp site right near the pool and we have cold showers, but showers none-the-less.

Barb and Warren in the first night camp in Harlan
Kathy and Gordon


Gale and Ted

Pork Belly Ventures provides us with dinner the first night out. We have barbeque brisket, salads, corn on the cob, water and other mellon, free draft beer and wine. What a great meal. But the best is to come. The real treat is a blues band that was thoroughly enjoyed.

One of the cyclists in our group brought a piano.
Pork Belly Ventures brought in the band.


Warren, Gordon, Barb and Kathy listen to the sweet blues sounds

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