Day 2 was to be the single hardest day of the 2000 RAGBRAI. The trip from Harlan to Greenfield was not particularly long at 73 miles, but since this year's ride was the 4th hillyist, today had the distinction of having the most climbing in the history of RAGBRAI. As usual, we started looking for breakfast shortly after the start. Mr Pancake obliged.

Yes, that is a hill after we have another Mr. Pancake breakfast.

There all sorts of `interesting' teams and individuals on the ride. For some reason, known only to this rider, he pulls a kevlar canoe behind his bike. His camping gear is in there. What does he do with the canoe at the end of the ride? Who knows.

I don't know, canoe?

A windmill with a tail roter? Well yes, in Elk Horn. Today we would see two very interesting towns and Elk Horn was the first. We didn't stop to have any of the Dutch Letters or the other goodies in town, knowing that we were about 1/4 of the way through this tough day.

The windmill in the dutch town of Elk Horn.

Hills, hills, hills!

Anita was the second interesting town. In Anita we consumed fruit smoothies, waited for the kybos and didn't buy any bait at this bar.

In Iowa it seems that bars have not only beer but also live bait. Well at least in Anita.

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